Sydney Opera House – Lighting the Sails

Every year Sydney is transformed into a magical world for the annual Vivid Festival. The highlight of the event is Lighting the Sails, when the Sydney Opera House is transformed into a huge canvas for incredible light projections.

Never Sit Still worked together with Luxx, who were extremely privileged to be invited by Spinifex Group to contribute visuals for the 2017 event, Audio Creatures. Working closely with the awe-inspiring Sydney Director Ash Bolland and paired with tailor-made soundscapes by Brazil’s foremost sound designer Amon Tobin.

Never Sit Still dove deep with Luxx to realise Bolland’s vision of immense creatures. Reminiscent of deep ocean life, exotic flora and alien ecosystems which consume the Opera House in a world of colour and light, transporting onlookers through a visceral and magical world.


  • Clients: Destination NSW & Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Opera House: Brooke Webb, Ben Marshall
  • Destination NSW: Adam Lowe, Julie Turpie
  • Interrogate Director: Ash BollandInterrogate
  • Interrogate Executive Producer: Tara Riddell – Interrogate
  • Audio: Amon Tobin
  • Sound FX: Marcus Longfoot – Full Circle Audio
  • Spinifex Managing Director: Cyril de Baecque – Spinifex Group
  • Spinifex Creative Director: Jason French – Spinifex Group
  • Luxx Creative Director: Tim Clapham – Luxx
  • Never Sit Still Creative Director: Mike Tosetto – Never Sit Still
  • 2D / 3D Artists: Tim Clapham, Mike Tosetto, Dan Braga, Alex Barnet, Nejc Polovsak, Rich Nosworthy, Will Skinner, Duncan Dix, Roy Christian, Pepin Portingale, Nicholas Hunter, Marcus Coblyn.

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