Momentum Ensemble — Concert Animations

Momentum Ensemble is the Australian Youth Orchestra’s new group made up of Australia’s best young musicians on the cusp of their professional careers. The aim of the group is to democratize classical music by bringing new interpretations and partnerships to audiences beyond the traditional recital hall.

For the launch of the Momentum Ensemble, Never Sit Still worked closely with Landor to create an animation series of the new identity.

The ensemble was launched in Sydney at Telstra’s innovative new Insights Centre. We used a combination of 2D and 3D to deliver three completely different animations that would complement the performances and deliver a truly immersive brand experience for the guests and musicians alike.

The animations were played during the concert to welcome the musicians to the stage. They were also played in the foyer on 360 degree screens before and after the show.


  • Concept, Branding, Storyboards — Landor
  • Animation — Never Sit Still and Landor

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