MAAS (Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences) — Motion Guidelines

Following a brand overhaul by Boccalatte, Never Sit Still were approached by MAAS (Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences) to create a motion system and guidelines based on their new visual identity.

We closely followed their comprehensive style guide to bring the brand elements to life, developing a motion system that would be flexible and easy to use for the in-house production team.

Motion templates were created for both the ‘MAAS master brand’ and the ‘Recollect exhibition series’. The files we provided to MAAS included titles, end frames and supers that could be used with live-action video footage. PDF guideline documents were also created, explaining how to use the motion templates.


  • Branding Agency — Boccalatte
  • Design and Motion Design — Never Sit Still
  • Sound Design — Felix Warmuth

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