We are an award winning creative team of motion designers based in Sydney, Australia.

We specialise in motion for brand and collaborate with designers, creative directors, studios, musicians, developers and companies from all over the world to help tell their stories.


  • Motion for brand

    Never Sit Still considers brand at all stages of the design and animation process. We understand how to translate brand concepts into motion, and we make our motion decisions by getting to know the background of the brands we work on. Motion should be a key part of any identity, rather than an afterthought.

  • 2D and 3D motion graphics

    As we consume more content than ever before through screen-based formats, motion is a necessary component of every brand. We specialise in creating motion design for brands, using 2D and 3D, illustration, graphics, photography and typography. From an animation detailing your new product, to a video for the big screen at your event, motion is a powerful way to engage your audience and tell your story.

  • Design and storyboards

    Storyboards are a vital part of the motion process and give you a clear vision of how your animation will come alive. We concept, design, illustrate and create storyboards with a special sensitivity to your brand’s needs and guidelines.

  • Video editing

    While motion graphics is our specialty, we also edit live action footage. We take care of colour grading, rotoscoping, tracking and compositing depending on your project’s needs.

  • Music and sound design

    We partner with the best in the business for audio production. Smith and Western Studios give your video that extra touch, with original music scores, bespoke sound design, voice over recording, mixing and mastering.